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  Bedrooms - At our nursing home all of the bedrooms are spacious, overlooking the landscaped gardens, water features and internal courtyard. We have 47 single and four double ensuite rooms. All rooms are ensuite, wheelchair accessible with television, telephone and computer points. We encourage all residents to personalize their rooms with their own accessories.


  Dayrooms - The dayrooms in the nursing home are second to none when it comes to space and relaxation. The sitting room has a large 38" screen TV with 9 channels. It is tastefully decorated throughout with comfortable armchairs and various height round tables. The second dayroom is used for many activities and relaxation. This room is warm and sunny with large windows overlooking the courtyard. The visitor's room is a room where our residents take full advantage of quiet and peace in a warm and peaceful environment. This room also looks onto the courtyard.

dining room

  Dining Room - Food is an important aspect of life here in AbbeyBreaffy Nursing Home and therefore our dining room reflects this importance. The dining room is open and spacious with pastel colours reflecting a relaxing atmosphere. Our two chefs proudly produce consistently wonderful food including homemade soups, breads, deserts and confectionery. For us here in AbbeyBreaffy Nursing Home freshly baked is the norm.
  Foyer Area - There is a large and bright foyer area. At night the stars and moon shine brightly through our glass roof panels which add to the ambience of our Nursing Home. During the day a different ambiance is created and the foliage around the foyer adds to this.

prayer room

  Prayer Room - This is truly a beautiful tranquil room designed to meet the spiritual needs of our residents, visitors and staff. Our residents come from different denominations and we encourage regular pastoral visits. Mass is celebrated for those wishing to attend. We hold an annual mass of remembrance and encourage families and friends to get involved.




Physiotherapy - We will organize physiotherapy when required. Our ethos of health promotion encourages independence at all times and our physiotherapy aids us in the achievement of this goal.



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